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Country : Algeria
Summary : Exterior Aluminum Carpentry Work
DZ Ref No : 45335865
Tender Notice No : 02/2020/DMP
Competition :NCB
Financier :Self Financed
Rue des Frères Bouadou, Bir Mourad Raïs – Alger Tel :+213-23569217/23569218/23569219 /2356 92 20 Fax : +213-23569213
Email :groupe@cosider-groupe.dz
Tender Details :Tenders are invited for Carpentry Works of Exterior Aluminum "Curtain Wall", Relating to the Project of a Real Estate Complex Located in Blida Interested companies are invited to withdraw the specifications from the Project Management Department of COSIDER Promotion located at CW 130, Saint Charles les Sources Bir Mourad Raïs Algiers, against payment in cash of Ten Thousand (10,000.00) DA. Offers must be submitted to the following address: Cosider Promotion, secretariat of the bid opening commission, Chemin de wilaya n ° 130, Saint Charles, Sources Bir Mourad Raïs Alger. The deadline for submitting tenders is twenty-one (21) days from the date of the first publication of this notice in national dailies, before 12 noon. [Disclaimer: The above text is machine translated. For accurate information kindly refer the original document.]
Deadline :16th Sep 2020
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