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AlgeriaTenders is the most famous online tender search website, providing information on all government tenders from Algeria like: online government tenders, NGO, open and small tenders. AlgeriaTenders covers all economic sectors and some of them are:


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AlgeriaTenders not only provides information on Algeria government bids and tenders, but also helps its clients in applying to Algeria government tenders. It provides host of services in connection with Public Procurement/Tendering with the help of local agents. Some of the services are: Purchase and Submission of Tender documents, attending pre-bid meeting, bid opening and help in EMD etc.


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Acquisition of Office Furniture

DZT Ref No.:  80671682

Deadline:  31 Mar 2023

Office Supply

DZT Ref No.:  80671681

Deadline:  31 Mar 2023

Acquisition of Office Furniture

DZT Ref No.:  80671680

Deadline:  31 Mar 2023

Interview and Recharge of Fire Extinguishers

DZT Ref No.:  80617608

Deadline:  30 Mar 2023

Supply and Installation of Light Signs

DZT Ref No.:  80617606

Deadline:  30 Mar 2023

Supply and Installation of Light Signs

DZT Ref No.:  80617605

Deadline:  30 Mar 2023

Supply, Installation and Commissioning of a New Generator

DZT Ref No.:  80617604

Deadline:  30 Mar 2023

Supply and installation Anti -Intrusion System

DZT Ref No.:  80617572

Deadline:  29 Mar 2023

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